Freight transportation - SkyUp Airlines

SkyUp Airlines begins to develop cargo transportation – in addition to passenger transportation, this will become another direction of the airline activity. For this, the company received all the necessary licenses and permits, as well as reconfigured 7 aircrafts of its passenger fleet.


7 reconfigured aircrafts

50 cargo flights completed 2 month

The company has already completed its first cargo flights in March and April of this year (about 50 flights), transporting mainly medical supplies equipment. The airline also plans to carry out cargo transportation after the renewal of passenger flights at the end of quarantine.


Boeing 737-800 – up to 19 000 kg

Boeing 737-900 – up to 21 000 kg

The airline has no country
restrictions for cargo flights

To ensure the correct transportation of goods, we agreed on the partial removal of the seat blocks with the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, taking into account the Boeing recommendations (MOM-MOM-20-0239) and the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) guidelines for the carriage of goods in the passenger cabin.

The maximum allowed capacity of reconfigured SkyUp passenger aircrafts is:

Boeing 737-800 – up to 19 000 kg.
Boeing 737-900 – up to 21 000 kg