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We are known not only for passenger traffic. Since 2020 we have been constantly developing the direction of cargo transportation.   Ukraine heart


1 flight is up to 7 700 kg (up to 37 cubic meters) of cargo.

Our Boeing 737-800 is available for cargo flights to transport all types of humanitarian cargo to help Ukraine. Transportation of cargo is provided in baggage compartments.

We can provide cargo transportation from almost all major airports in Europe and the entire world* to the nearest airports to the Ukrainian border, namely to Chisinau (KIV), Iași (IAS), Suceava (SCV), Bucharest (OTP), Rzeszow (RZE), Katowice (KTW), Kosice (KSC).

100   completed cargo flights to
China, Israel and countries EU

cargo flights
cargo flights
cargo flights

Our experience of more than 100 cargo charter flights to China, Israel and the EU can be useful to support the Ukrainian people.

* — except russia, belarus and the areas where military conflicts are taking place.